Joy (cithra) wrote,


I finally watched the extended version of The Two Towers last night. Yes, even my fanaticism is a bit lack-luster these days.

What a strange land of compromises the film industry must be. "I'm going to tell you a flawed, abridged version of a story, so that later I can tell you a slightly longer, though still abridged version that nevertheless will be infinitely better and more coherent."

I can't be the only one who felt "abridged" somehow equated with "cheated" as a small child. Especially after encountering a few of the raw versions of works I'd originally read in their Reader's Digest-ed versions.

I suppose in some ways it is a matter of focus. I spent a chunk of the other morning reading a critique of Moby Dick (courtesy of teep, by way of Making Light). When I read the novel, it struck me as a love letter to the whaling industry with a cautionary tale about hubris sort of wrapped around it and tacked on at the end. Since I read it on my own (that is, not for a class), it was interesting to go through it again by proxy having the Symbolism pointed out.

Just looking at the addenda DVDs makes me tired, though, as much as I do want to see what is on them.

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