Joy (cithra) wrote,

hummous experiment #2

I'm less pleased with second batch of hummous I prepared. I used fresh garlic and interestingly enough, the food chopper didn't do a very good job of chopping it - I think the volume of garlic was too small for the blades, and it's only got the one set. Plus I got it too liquid by accident, with no real way other than evaporation to fix the problem. Finally - and this may just be a hazard with a garlic intense version of the recipe - after a day or so, all I could taste was garlic, it completely overwhelmed any other flavors (cumin, paprika, sesame, as well as the basal chickpea/garbanzo flavor).

The next time I make a batch using fresh garlic (as opposed to garlic-from-a-jar, not powdered) I think I'll do the chopping by hand. I also considered roasting the garlic first, which would make it of a consistency to blend with the mixture better. Something else to look up, as I've never roasted garlic before. Not to mention that given my experience with roasted garlic, it becomes much easier to differentiate garlic from peel post-roasting.

This was a couple of days ago; I'm sitting here contemplating whether I want to make another batch now, or do something else. It's gorgeous outside, but cold enough inside here for me to be fairly certain it's extremely cold outside...

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