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Queen Anne cottage

I went to look at a possible place to live last night. It's a delightful little 'foreman's house' built circa 1920, up on Queen Anne. It's really cute, the neighborhood is quiet - cats are welcome, there's a washer/dryer ensemble in the pantry... it's really cool. I'm not entirely certain it's for me, alas. If I knew I was going to be in town for the rest of forever, then maybe I'd be a little more energetic about pursuing it. But if I'm moving to Fresno... I wish the wheels of the hiring process at work moved a little faster!

My other concern is layout - there's enough space for all my furniture, or at least all of my furniture that I'm unwilling to live without, but I would end up putting some of it in the kitchen! It might work, or it might be too funky even for me. I took a rental application to fill out, so obviously I'm still considering it, but... Well, that's about the size of it, really: that persistent 'but'.

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