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or, random thoughts on the morning of a new year.

First of all, many thanks to cjot and uly for hosting a lovely party that reminded me of how much, and why I love my friends.

In that circular way that events run in, a couple who announced their engagement at last year's party revealed last night that they are expecting a child, come June. Suddenly I feel like a village elder, in an odd but almost pleasant way. Odd because I'm not generally given to "ah, the circle of life!" one-with-humanity, go-tribe-us types of emotional reactions to babies or events attendant on their incipient arrival. I've never wanted children myself - ever - and the vast majority of my experience caring for them or interacting with them has been negative in tone, if not necessarily in outcome. Maybe I'm finally past all that enough to feel the pleasant buzz from my selfish genes in reaction to my cohort reproducing? Mu, who knows.

I'm going to pronounce Hummous Experiment #1 a success. I used Ian's Kick-Ass Hummous recipe as recommended to me by sculpin and rjl20, threw it together in the little Kitchenaid food chopper bequeathed to me by my mother in the move, and took it to the party last night. I think it took me all of 15 minutes from opening the can of garbanzo beans to putting the lid on the Tupperware container for transport. On the other hand, I was in a touch of a hurry, so not a lot of measuring occurred beyond the eyeball variety. On the gripping hand, turns out when I read to the bottom of the page that's the method the afore-lauded Ian uses himself, so I'm going to consider myself off the hook.

The inside of my refrigerator suddenly looks "real" - there's more than three items in it. This is the fault of the hummous, as I've now got garlic, tahini, lemon juice, etc. residing there along with the half-and-half and the peanut butter. No, I don't cook much, really - why do you ask?

Got to chat with quixoticfish when she phoned the party last night, yay! I always feel like such a dork talking on the phone, my mind goes *fft* and I don't know what to say, and then I start worrying about how it's long-distance and I'm wasting good money (echoes of childhood, anyone? I must have called Tahiti or something as an infant, all I know is THE PHONE IS NOT A TOY got branded on my psyche sometime early enough on to be out of specific memory) - anyway, the short of it is that it was lovely to have the chance to talk even if I did sound like a complete space-case.

We watched the fireworks on the Space Needle from the living room - oddly enough no-one suggested going up to the roof, heh - sipping a lovely Veuve Clicquot champagne. Amusing tangent: part of the conversation last night concerned the usefulness of high school Spanish classes, when traveling in Mexico, and how surprisingly easy it had been to understand people speaking, even when not able to independently recall the right words when trying to speak oneself. Looking via Google to find how to properly spell "Veuve Clicquot" put me, not surprisingly, on a web page written in French - which I find, pleasantly, I can still read fairly easily at this late date, though I would be hard pressed to write or speak anything even remotely understandable myself.

I think that's everything that was bouncing around in my head. Happy New Year, folks.

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