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snow in Hawaii?

So I go to the NOAA National Weather Service web site this morning, because it's a slow day and the snow has been the main topic of conversation in the office. The first thing I notice is the color coded map they display of CONUS plus AK & HI, showing the current weather watches, warnings, statements and advisories. Hawaii catches my eye, as it is completely ringed in bright orange, the islands themselves being colored yellow. Looking at the key, I find that yellow is Winter Storm Watch - that makes sense. But orange, the only orange on the key, is Blowing Snow Advisory.

Blowing what? Too curious, I click for the subsidiary enlargement. Here, on the other hand, orange is defined as High Surf Advisory. Much more in line with what I have heard about weather in that part of the universe.

I suppose I can even sort of see the parallel - too much water in the air, of one physical form or another - but I wonder if that's the why, or if orange happened to be the least utilized color so they gave it an extra definition to carry.

Well, I thought it was amusing. Maybe this meteorological thing is getting out of hand...

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