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Big Fish

I saw a matinee of this yesterday, after dithering due to unenthusiastic reviews. I'm going to have to write myself a note, or get a tattoo or something reminding me to stop that - for whatever reason, if I think I'll like a film, I usually do. I like Tim Burton's films, and true to form, I liked Big Fish. I didn't find any awkwardness shifting between fantasy and reality - it makes me wonder how the reviewer who got hung up on that handles "normal" flashbacks... or a film like Memento.

Anyway, I found it to be an engaging meditation on how difficult it is sometimes to really feel like you know your parents, let alone 'really' know them the way you do your friends or your partner/spouse. It's also about the power of story, and storytelling. The importance of not jumping to conclusions, and especially how much difference a very tiny shift in perspective can make, in all kinds of things. It's an adult movie that tackles a theme that's far more common to children's films: how the Mystery surrounds and pervades us, and how much time and effort many adults spend deliberately not seeing it.

I'm saying, see it.

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