Joy (cithra) wrote,

cat update

So far, so good. She seems perky and normal. I know animals (including people) occasionally have a seizure once, then never have another one. I'm going to keep an eye on her (of course) but hope that is the case, rather than this heralding the onset of previously dormant FIV or something. She tested negative after Morphia died, but that's the problem with *IV, you test negative until don't.

A happy shout out to greenwood by the way - reading that the vet had recommended a heating pad for Qu'appelle for the arthritis in her hips inspired me to get one for Xiombarg, and it seems to be having beneficial effects - besides increasing the cuteness quotient of my apartment, that is. She still has a bit of a hitch in her step, but she's clearly having an easier time of jumping up and down than she was for a while there. Hell hath no fury like a cat who is embarrassed at having tried to jump up on the bathroom counter, scrabbled madly for purchase and failed...

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