Joy (cithra) wrote,

smoke alarm 3: Joy 2.5

Grump. It appears coffee roasting is going to be a two person job, unless I simply want to put up with the added excitement of having the fire department bust down my door during the final stages of the roasting curve. However, I did turn out what I hope will be a decent (if darkish) Uganda. It looks good, and smells good - we'll see how it tastes in a day or so.

For round three I had the popper/roaster directly under the hood fan on high, as well as my floor fan on medium/high, but it still triggered the smoke alarm. The good news is I was able to shut it off by fanning; the bad news is that when I got up on a stool to examine the damn thing, my suspicions were semi-confirmed - I couldn't get it down/open without coming dangerously close to breaking it. I'm afraid it may not be disable-able. However, anyone else who would like to give it a go is welcome to see what they can do. Thus my conclusion further roasting attempts should be two-person operations: that way someone can fan the smoke detector while I'm mucking about with the actual roasting.

I'm still using Popper #8. I used my big popcorn bowl for the chaff - overkill maybe but it was handy and worked just fine. It's Tupperware, which has the advantage of being slightly textured plastic on the interior bowl surface - the chaff seemed to adhere to it a bit, so it stayed in the bowl better than it had last time. I had a chopstick to stir with, a metal flour sifter to discharge the coffee into, and a pyrex casserole dish for cooling. Also hot pads, and the aforementioned hood fan and floor fan (the latter up on the opposite kitchen counter).

I set the operation up on the stove, turned on the popper and poured in the coffee - handily pre-measured for me by uly. Gave it a few stirs with a wooden chopstick, but the fan on this popper seems to be strong enough to shove the coffee around fairly effectively - most of my stirring was fiddling. I got yellow at about two minutes, heard the first pop at three minutes, and got consensus first pop at roughly 4:30 - I'm still timing by a clock without a seconds feature.

At six minutes the smoke detector started going off, and I started having to go fan it. I got second pop at about 7:10, and I unplugged/turned off the popper at eight minutes. I transferred the coffee into the sifter and put it under the hood, but the smoke detector was being persnickety and persistently yowling so I had to continue to go fan it. I could hear the coffee still popping away in the sifter, so I'm sure it was still roasting under its own internal heat. I didn't actually get the smoke alarm shut up and the coffee into the pyrex dish (and also quiet) until about 12 minutes. I stirred it with the chopstick, swept up the chaff, and muttered imprecations at the smoke alarm until the coffee was cool, then put it in a new ziplock bag, dated and transferred the label. And I was done.

It's not so bad to have to have a partner in further operations, it just means I'll have to make arrangements, and I hate making arrangements. Since I live alone (the cat really doesn't count in this instance, she insists on hiding under the bed when the smoke alarm goes off, and is even shorter than I am, any fanning she could do would be nigh useless even if I could persuade her to try) it means that I'll have to make arrangements for someone to come over when I want to roast - since I tend to be seized with the impulse at odd hours it probably won't do to try and phone someone up and convince them to come over when the inspiration hits. I'll have to plan ahead, confound it. A hardship, but not an impossible one.

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