Joy (cithra) wrote,

when she was wrong, she was horrid

So much for people with similar leanings instantly knowing when they encounter another of their ilk.

I used to work with the librarian mentioned in this snippet. She was always so formal and distant, with an aura of not-quite-approving of me that I (in my prejudice) assumed she was some kind of conservative fundamentalist, probably christian. The campus was rife with evangelicals at the time - kind of odd for a state university, but there you go - so it was an easy bias for me to fall into.

For someone who prides herself on being able to read people, I was laughably off the mark. Not so much on different pages as in completely different media. *shakes head*

I guess that answers the niggling question that arose some years back when I saw a woman at Beyond the Edge who I thought might be her...

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