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It's getting to the point where it seems like I interact better with even my 'real life' friends remotely. Yesterday was one of those days when every effort to communicate was awkward, misunderstood and painful. I don't know if it was acoustics or inattention, but at breakfast every sentence I uttered seemed to fail to make it to the ears of my companions intact. By the end of the meal I was furious, so I left. To my own detriment (almost certainly) I conducted my afternoon's business alone, and turned off my phone to avoid connecting with people for the evenings engagement.

This sense of frustration and inappropriate anger seems to accompany most of my interactions with people of late, with a few notable exceptions. Strangers - probably because I try not to have complicated expectations about how strangers and I will interact. Maybe that's the key here - in sort of a parallel to 'suffering is caused by desire' I could resolve not to have expectations even of friends, since frustration seems to be caused by unmet expectations. But it also seems that part of what makes the label 'friend' apply to someone is a certain set of expectations regarding their behavior.

Oh well, this too shall pass.

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