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I am about done with email, I'm thinking. If I don't pull it off the server at least twice a day, I start getting notices from my ISP that I've exceeded my disk quota. It has reached the point where there are entire downloads of 100+ messages that have no actual content as far as I am concerned. There's a higher percentage of useful information to be gleaned from the way the crows flock together in the mornings, when I see them on my way to work.

I think I have finally put my finger on what annoys me so much about it all, though. It's not just how stupid the perpetrators obviously are, it's how stupid they clearly think I must be. I'm as bad as Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda about that - though I lack his propensity for sniffing footwear.

I realize I can't just stop reading email, then there really would be no way to get ahold of me. But I'm getting less diligent about closely scanning the crap that comes in to make sure my rules have pulled out the stuff I actually do want to see. So if you've sent me something you think I would normally have replied to, and I haven't, it probably got tossed with the bathwater. Try my gothhouse account.

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