Joy (cithra) wrote,

still kind of sick

At 20,089 I don't think I'm going to make it. At least I finally managed to narrow things down to three (maybe four) characters actually doing something from fifteen characters hanging around in semi-connected vignettes. Ok, so it took some mayhem - arson, actually. I suppose I'll keep plugging away, unless I get a better idea.

I would also like say that when I've talked about liking the Bartell Drugs zinc lozenges I am talking about the pink, vaguely cherry flavored ones. I am NOT talking about the "delicious lemon cream flavor" ones, which I made the mistake of buying because they were on special. Those taste foul, and now I've got 148 of them left. (Tried one last night, didn't care for it, gave one another try just now.) Yuk. I can't imagine them letting me return/exchange them.

It's beautiful outside my window, though cold enough to make the hot-tub steam. I wish I felt better enough to go for a walk. Maybe later I'll venture out to try and get some less nasty zinc lozenges.

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