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Just once I'd like to see one of these young conservative literalist preachers who goes by the stuff their book claims Jesus said, instead of what Paul (for the most part) wrote. But that would limit them to stuff like "love one another" and "turn the other cheek", and wouldn't allow them to insist on men being head of the household, or homosexuality being a sin, or any of a dozen of their other favorite doctrines. Oh, and those loosey-goosey parables - just try getting a literal interpretation out of those! Destroy fig trees, spend your master's money, don't waste your lamp oil. Not terribly applicable to modern life.

Really, it isn't a literal interpretation of anything except that particular pastor's take on what it means. Maybe that's why it makes me cranky - it's the same old crap dressed up in hipster clothes. The guy in charge is busy consolidating a power base - excuse me, "planting churches" and the folks who follow him do it because he doesn't treat them like freaks, and he's charismatic and convincing. Oh, and his credo just happens to reinforce the ideals of the status quo that have been the background to these folks lives, so they get to finally fit in (conform) without losing their Gen X cred. He's speaking to them, man, not the boomers... probably the first time ever some of them have been a target audience instead of a tangent, how intoxicating.

I wish I didn't care. I'm not sure why I do, except that, akin to the things that frustrate me about the political arena, it is another instance where people are not telling the truth. Be a fundamentalist, fine - but at least go to the bloody source.

Maybe I'm just cranky about being told all my young life the literal-as-far-as-it-is-translated-correctly "truth" was revealed by somebody who was literally just talking through his hat.

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