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I just realized why I've suddenly (without changing my habits of posture, particularly) started to notice RSI-type strain in my forearms over the last few months. I no longer have the convenient wrist-rest of my tummy! My arms used to rest on my stomach when I typed, and it was very easy to keep my forearms and wrists parallel to the floor, in proper posture.

This is no longer the case - unless the cat is on my lap, and she usually tries to drape herself over my arms rather than under. Her favorite posture is in my lap with her fore-body on my arm and her head tucked into my left elbow. If we do this right, her weight is supported by the arm of the chair. If not, my arm goes to sleep because of pressure on the radial artery. (Always a bonus, cutting off the oxygen supply to stressed muscles...) It's kind of a tug-of-war to see if I can keep typing (or playing Diablo II) vs if she can position herself such that it seems like I should be able to, but can actually only pay attention to her. Yes, I have a passive-aggressive cat.

But now that I don't have so much tummy, my arm posture is all out of discipline. I find this pretty funny, actually. It goes in the funny-but-painful category with the various bruises I've collected on bits of me that aren't as well padded as they used to be. Late developing ischial callosities, anyone?

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