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yay! plus mop give-away

I get to leave early today, a holiday present from our director. Whoop!

On a totally separate note, I usually try to be a reduce/reuse/recycle person. But I think I've been converted to disposable swiffer-esque mop-type entities.

My kitchen and bathroom are the only linoleum areas in my studio, and they are both small enough that my regular-size sponge mop is a pain to use. Plus between the cat and my long-haired self, there is a good deal of shedding that goes on. So it's quite a bit nicer to sweep (or swiff or whatever the appropriate verb is) and wad the hair up with the used wipe than it is to pull a mess of hair out of the drain and try to clean the residual hair off the regular mop.

As a result, I have a perfectly good sponge mop (plus extra replacement sponges) now that is available free to a good home. Maybe one of you folk with actual houses containing more than two square feet of tile has a use for it...

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