Joy (cithra) wrote,

Coffee roasting experiment #2 didn't even get fully into first pop before the smoke alarm went off. I hate having wasted a load, even if it was just the decaf. I guess the next step is to examine the smoke detector to see if it is easily disabled/re-enabled. Alternately I'd have to change venue, as I lack porch/balcony space. Another reason to move in April.

Speaking of which, I'm on the look-out for art studio/living space, as that is the type of place I wish to move into. It has to be somewhere I could set up a forge/kiln, allow cats, and be on the bus lines - most other requirements are negotiable. I know the sort of space I'm looking for exists... it's just a matter of finding it. With luck, between now and April something will turn up - I'd deeply appreciate any leads sent my way.

I tried to post this yesterday afternoon, but my connection was having some kind of seizure, so here it is now.

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