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Ok, kids: if marriage is a sacred institution, that pretty much falls within the bailiwick of church, correct? In which case the government should back the fuck off.

Or have we completely ceased to bother about the separation of church and state? Not being churched, I lose track of these things.


I cannot understand why this issue threatens so many people. I honestly can't. Are they threatened by queer folk being able to get driver's licenses? to register to vote?

Wait... what if it's not a queer issue. What if it's a gender issue. What if it's about making sure Men are different from Women. If men and women truly are equal in the eyes of the law, why shouldn't marriages be contracted between any permutation of partners? This whole thing reminds me most of the miscegenation laws.

If I end up married at some point, no one will be more surprised than myself, for a number of reasons. I'm not certain I'm capable of seeing this issue clearly, for a lot of those same reasons.

I expect people to be logical, I guess. So when someone is behaving illogically, I look for a root cause or belief that would make the behavior seem logical. This one really stumps me, though.

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