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we take care of our own

One of the best things about the insane amount of money I make (ok, it's only really insane in the sense that it's well over the ultimate salary I ever envisioned for myself) is that I have enough money to help friends when they need it. I think it's where what maternal feelings I have manifest themselves - but I get disproportionately warm-and-fuzzy when I can take care of my people's needs, or help them solve a problem. "My people"== my chosen family (which as a set does overlap portions of my biological family) pretty much; people for whom I'd bare my teeth, if that makes any sense. Money is not a substitute for love, but it can be evidence of it, yes? Somewhere along the line I made a deep connection between personal value and resource allotment - which can manifest itself in odd ways at times, but it also provides me with part of the thrill I get from helping my friends who are not as well off as I am.

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