Joy (cithra) wrote,


Somehow I've inspired people to cat bowling and culinary musings with my ailurophillia. How odd one looks reflected in the mirror of one's friends!

At least the cats in the bowling game don't seem terribly discomfited by their role. The directions say "squash" but they really end up leaping (or getting knocked) out of the way.

As for what cats taste like, probably not very good considering the flesh of most predators is usually considered inferior in flavor and texture. I have to wonder how amnotsurly got from point A to point E, so to speak. Is he so currently obsessed with the lifestyle of the gourmand that, like the two year old who experiences everything new they encounter by putting it in their mouth, all new speculations devolve eventually into "Cooking with Anne"? /snide

While I was looking up the Black Cat I found Carl Van Vechten's The Tiger in the House on, so I'll leave that as an mitigatory link.

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