Joy (cithra) wrote,

what to do...

Being a fed, I don't have to work today. What to do with this lovely day of freedom? I could grab the boat to Bremerton to take flowers to my father's grave, he was a veteran after all. I could hop the bus the other direction and visit my mom. I could go for a walk around Greenlake - haven't done that in a while. Hammer out some Nanowrimo distance? Catch up on some of the other movies I've been meaning to see? Take out the recycling in a vain attempt to discover my kitchen floor?

Hmm. Well, I think at a minimum I'll have another cup of coffee while I'm dawdling and deciding. This is a Kenya that Ulysses roasted right before my eyes on Friday... very tasty. I might have taken it a touch darker - acidity is not my favorite flavor characteristic, alas and I'll suffer the diminishment of some varietal character in the pursuit of a less bright cup. What's more, I can if I like. The green that he sent home with me is more of the same. That's one item that should definitely go on the agenda for today, meaning I need to find my sifter - which will be playing the part of the metal cooling colander, since my colander is plastic.

How much improved my mood is when I don't have to go into work, I have to add. I was thinking: I still have the majority of the morning complaints I had yesterday, but since I don't have to drag them off to work, they simply don't bother me nearly as much.

These dratted Drosophilla multiply like... well, that's certainly a cliche, isn't it. It would be one thing if I could figure out where they are coming from, but I've not got much in the way of organics lying about. I wonder if they're living in/on the cat-grass. There's no fruit in the apartment to speak of.

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