Joy (cithra) wrote,

a wee 'aha!' moment

The confluence of a couple of posts on my friends page, one by tani_chick and one by jakeaidan, has finally allowed me to realize why I have harbored somehow a of dislike Edgar Allan Poe, as much as I have tried to like him over the years.

I have never, ever forgiven him for the story The Black Cat.

Although in checking my facts I find that Poe himself was reputedly fond of cats, and I understand now the differences between characters and their authors, when I first encountered the story I was young enough not to be able to make that distinction, and I'm afraid I've subconsciously held it against him all these years. Even though the cat is essentially revenged on its tormentor, the description of that torment was so vivid to me that it overwhelmed any other details.


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