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Count of Monte Cristo

Went to see this with Ben this afternoon. Not bad - worth seeing if you like swashbuckling movies. Guy Pierce is convincingly eeeevil. While I knew the general outlines of the story, this is the first time I've actually seen a depiction of it entirely. I'm not sure if the ending was altered - I guess I'm going to have to read the original book.

It was a pleasant day. Started with coffee at Aurifice, then to the film. Afterwards we walked to Belltown to run some errands. Then we walked part-way home, parting when I reached a sheltered bus stop. It was snowing at that point.

Back to work tomorrow. Which will involve, in part, making plans to head eastward to Brookhaven NY for a week. I think; the message I got mentioned both Brookhaven and Chicago, but when I originally spoke to my boss last Thursday he only talked about NY. We shall see. My poor cat - I'm never home, she thinks.

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