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curry for breakfast

Apparently one moves to Redmond to do one of two things: work for Microsoft or open a restaurant. I'd already heard good things about the food court at the Crossroads mall, but we haven't even made it that far down the road yet, there are a ton of little places right around my mom's apartment.

Just at the end of the driveway, in fact, is a complex with pizza, teriyaki, Mexican, and Indian at a minimum. We had dinner at the Indian place last night, it was very nice. The place is called Kabob Palace, and Ted and I had been wanting to try it from day 1. How can you resist someplace called Kabob Palace??

It was quite good, and the leftovers for breakfast even better. I got what was called Salajh Paneer (spelling almost certainly way way off) which was a curry with cheese. Mom and Ted both got kabobs which they pronounced tasty.

Interestingly enough, the menu said "100% Halal" and I just spent an hour or so trying to track down what that meant. If I had been paying attention I might have figured it out sooner - it is the Islamic term for food that is lawful for Muslim consumption. The woman who seated us at the restaurant was wearing a headscarf, which probably should have been a clue - but I was determined to throw an extra 'l' or two into the spelling so had to come at matters the back way, mainly by exhausting any possibility of it being an Ayurvedic term by process of elimination.

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