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I was going to try trick-or-treating again with some other people from my friends list, but apparently it was far too popular of a meme, and the person had to take it down. That's ok, I don't really need any more empty candy wrappers.

Over to Redmond last night to visit Mom, she's making fair progress in the unpacking. I reprogrammed her phone with all of us kid's phone numbers and fixed the connection problem that was making the speaker burble; Ted unpacked the encyclopedias and moved boxes. Not surprisingly, she is still finding things she'd prefer not to have brought - but even if she'd been as ultra-organized as her ideal, I'm sure that would have happened simply because what you think you'll need in a new place, and what you actually need, let alone have room for, are often different. So every time we stop by, we end up coming back with various things - my haul included a kitchen scale and a little food processor - which is ironic because I'd asked about the processor before and she'd especially wanted to keep it. But storage is such in the new place that she decided she'd rather just have a/the blender, so she packed the processor off with me. I told her if it turns out later she wants it back, that's fine with me too.

Latest stupid spam subject line: Saw you in church, blah blah blah. You've got a long memory if that's the case. *shakes head* Besides, what are they expecting me to think, that God gave them my email address? How else would they have gotten it, let alone associated it with me? Twits.

When they did the remodel of the exercise room here in the building, they re-floored the pool. Apparently they also installed floodlights in it - I noticed last night there was an unearthly green glow outside my window when I got home from Redmond. Turns out it's the light from the pool, which is just outside and down from my apartment. It's bright enough to provide a fair amount of ambient light, even. Aliens! no, just the water they're supposed to be after, or allergic to, or whatever this week's story is.

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