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the black wing of the Angel of death

Six (I guess he's icebluenothing here - I think half my trouble at finding the people I want to keep track of comes from not knowing who's called what where) says something that resonates with what I'm feeling:
I knew tenashachor through the Seagoth community; he was coming into it as I was drifting out, during the time the community stopped centering around a mailing list and started to revolve around a web board. I never really got into the web board, but Ten did, and he became one of its most active and widely-known members. Seeing him always made me feel a little strange and wistful; he was one of the New People, one of the people I felt a little estranged from as the community shifted and moved on, but still someone I liked and wanted to spend more time with. I never got to know him. I wanted to. I always assumed, I guess, that there would be time enough to.
There wasn't. I found out today that Ten has died. Complications related to diabetes, the early reports say, although those reports are a little uncertain and confused.

Except for not really knowing Tenashachor at all, in my case - but at least now I know why. I never made the transition to the webboard, I could never get the damn thing to work right.

People I care for are hurting, and there's nothing I can do - because there's nothing TO do, as well as because I've no right. Of what use is the comfort of strangers? I suppose the best thing to do is hold my tongue and try to keep my inappropriate anthropological observations to myself. I may be forgiven if people realize that's how I cope - if I'm clinically analyzing human behavior I can focus on that, and not how wretched things feel.

More photos have been posted, to the extent that I'm starting to think I might have seen him at Aurafice, but I guess I won't know for certain until I see (or don't see) the person I'm thinking might be him again.

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