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I'm only a wee bit rueful that the new owners of the house I grew up in will have to deal with the small but constant rivulet of water that heavy rains would bring on in the basement. Fortunately, thanks to an earthquake in the late 60s, the water does run through the house and out under the garage door. But it does require keeping things you don't want soggy up on pallets or something. I know my mom was looking into having it fixed before selling the house, and I can't remember exactly what the outcome was, but I must say I was glad not to have to worry about it. Her new apartment is on the third floor, as well.

Speaking of, faintheart and I went over last night to help unpack, make a grocery run, etc. Originally we were going to make a run to Ikea, but decided to give that a miss in favor of laying in supplies. I got a good portion of the half-unpacked boxes in the kitchen cleared out, which helped things seem much less cramped.

The most adventurous things got was unpacking stuff that had been in the basement - canned stuff, mostly. My mom, being 77 thankfully had most of the packing done by friends and churchfolk, so it was often a case of "everything goes" whether or not we'd actually want to keep it on the other end. Which is fine - as I told my mom any number of times, you have to sort it again when you unpack it, so beyond a certain minimum it doesn't pay to waste too much energy sorting things while you are packing. Both she and I, while for the most part desperately physically unorganized, long to have a place for everything and everything in its place. This can lead to a certain kind of packing paralysis, as you sort things into finer and finer categories, but never actually get anything packed into a box...

In any case, "anything goes" last night meant mason jars of canned goods, mostly - the pickles or peaches roulette. The peaches, canned in 2001, got to stay. The pickles, canned in 1998 and not up to my mother's standards taste-wise, got to go. The cupboards wherein these mason jars were destined to live have limited space, and it was touch and go for a while with the pickles taking an early lead at 5-3. Fortunately the peaches rallied, turning in an crushing 14-5 defeat of the dreaded dill, at least until the next round of boxes is unpacked. Will their stunning lead last? Tune in tomorrow... or maybe next week...

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