Joy (cithra) wrote,

shaking the dust off

To continue to be inappropriately biblical, 'it is finished'.

In parallel, it's only mostly finished, anyway. But my mother is ensconced in Redmond, thus my father's grave is the only thing left (to my knowledge) in Bremerton. Dead things being an entirely appropriate thing for the town to be associated with as far as I am concerned, as the place has mostly been an albatross around my neck.

Now comes the unpacking, the sorting, the divvyings up. Before I left, I put her bedroom together, though, and her bathroom. I have found, over the numerous moves I have made, that the simple act of making up the bed does a great deal to make a place seem more like home. Setting up the bathroom helps too, but also stems from pragmatism: you can sleep on the couch, or even the floor in a pinch, but you need the bathroom to be in working order pretty much from moment one.

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