Joy (cithra) wrote,

Today's Sinfest reminds me that I once observed that civilization was invented to keep people from fucking.

To put it slightly less bluntly, and a little more academically, a fairly large chunk of the human behavior anthropologists study/observe is concerned with regulating who has sex with whom, and the results thereof. Marriage/inheritance strictures, for example. But also things less obvious, like sex-segregation in the division of labor - which controls aspects of who you see and when, type and duration of interpersonal contact.

On a related note, I woke myself up from a dream this morning where I was watching a film that I wasn't really enjoying, but kept encountering difficulty when I tried to get up and walk out - the movie had some virtual reality elements to it, and when I tried to exit, the most I seemed to be able to manage was to shift viewpoint character. It's related because one of the plot lines involved the sexual awakening of one of the male characters as the result of a series of (mis)adventures in a gay bar - his activities, his reactions to them, his companions (m & f) and family members reactions, etc. I ended up seeing that same sequence of events from three different male and two different female POV by the time I woke up.

The other main theme was recreational explosives. In fact, the reason the group ends up at the bar in the first place involved the aftermath of an attempted set of demolitions, during which the mother-figure (who was a bit of a loose cannon anyway) made some ad lib additions which nearly caused some disaster. I particularly remember the "never, never improvise!!" rant the father-figure made. She was the one who had started the whole business by getting into explosives in the first place (there was a time-passage montage depicting some severe structural changes in the basement of the house as a result of her experimentation) - it was the father-figure's idea to involve the whole family (and friends, later) group, and to turn it into a combination performance art group or spectacle/side-show/demolitions squad.

It wasn't so much a bad movie as simply one I wasn't really enjoying, and I think even that had more to do with physical pain from my sleeping body, where my arms were paining me from having fallen asleep. My main reaction at not being able to exit was annoyance, rather than fear...

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