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...and here we go, again

Back over to Bremerton for another day of packing. For some questionable value of "another" since on Saturday neither my mom nor I felt very chipper, and I ended up coming home early and crawling in bed. I don't think it was this cold that seems to be the current scourge - I think it was partly the day in general, and partly something I ate.

When I've been doing a good job of watching my diet for a stretch of time, I tend to forget that I have easily-upset digestion. Post gastric bypass, I seem to be really sensitive to artificial stuff - that's for lack of a better term, because it's hard to narrow down to a consistent trigger. The more processed something is, the more likely it is to give me trouble, but not always. So I'll make the occasional foray into something like a Subway breakfast sandwich - eggs, cheese, bread all being dietary standards for me - with negative results. Since the eggs came in a little pre-made patty that got microwaved, however, I'm guessing they were the culprit.

The day itself - well, as much as I adore fall, those penetratingly damp, cold days are the ones that make my weird arthritis-analog flare up. It never quite rains, but it doesn't clear off either...

Yesterday, at least, I accomplished what I meant to. And today we're back out there at it.

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