Joy (cithra) wrote,


This is shaping up to be the longest day on record, boredom-wise. Nope, nothing useful to say here...

I think the M&Ms I bought after lunch today have gone stale. If not, I may have lost my taste for M&Ms - the horror! They're too crunchy, as though they've dried out or something. The closest thing to a 'consume by' date I can find is gibberish to my untrained eye: 329ES1. I suppose I could call their 1-800 number, they'd probably send me a free coupon since it claims they will replace them if they are not "in excellent condition." It'd be something to do, I'll grant that, even if it did involve sitting on hold.

Ok, here's my master plan for the afternoon: look up the ferry schedule, plan how early tomorrow I have to get going to Bremerton to help with my mom's moving sale. Finish reading Chapter 2 of Understanding Data Communications. Phone M&M/Mars and complain/comment about my stale M&Ms. I should be able to get two hours out of that, somehow...

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