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nine years

ok, I know this happens more often than not, but how did NINE years get past me, in a job that was only going to be until I found something better? I'm only slightly mollified by the realization that I did get out for not quite a year - but then I ended up coming back.

In either case I've been living in Seattle for nine years now, total. Unlike my decade in Bellingham, I've managed to keep the moving down below an average of one place per year - six places in nine years isn't too bad. I think I counted 22 places in ten years up north, give or take a place depending on whether you count temporary housing on campus the same as living on campus - I count it as two places because it involved hauling my stuff from one side of campus to the other. Come to think of it, I had about a year's sabbatical there too, where I bounced from Snohomish to Bremerton to Olympia before moving back to Bellingham.

Makes me wonder what changes (if any) are in store for the upcoming months.

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