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yurgk. crunch. thump.

I've finally managed to claw my way back onto the net. Now I just have to catch up with everything. I feel like part of my brain has been turned back on, since I can look things up on a whim again.

I'll have to fill in some of the blanks later, but at minimum I have to retract my retraction ala Qwest. Sigh. First the gentleman with whose knowledge I was so taken attempted to hook my phone service up to the wrong apartment - that's why it appeared the prior tenants had failed to shut off the service. Thankfully we decided NOT to do the manual override... Then they sent me the wrong "modem" - did I mention anything about USB ports when I was ordering the service? I think not. Why on earth did you send me a DSL modem that connects to a USB port then? Get a return number, send that equipment back, order new correct equipment, pushing install date back another week.

But hey, this time it only took 30 minutes on the phone with my ISP to convince my system it really could find the DNS machines I was telling it to point at... When I had DSL before it took us a couple of hours to get all the equipment to talk to each other. A thousand thousand blessings on the head of Dan Pewzner, my sysop and the driving force behind Zipcon. And that's why I love my ISP.

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