Joy (cithra) wrote,

amazingly uninterested in going to work

What a surprise, eh?

Spent yesterday noodling around Capitol Hill with quixoticfish, faintheart, sharkins, and grouchychris. Mellow fun, very pleasant. Lost any last vestige of respect for Hot Topic on discovering Care Bear merchandise in same. Descended in a flock sans grouchychris on amnotsurly to admire his swank bachelor pad, then wandered up the street for Vietnamese food at Pho Zone. Very tasty.

Came home and semi-crashed - phoned Mom to chat about getting her packed up and moved out, since the house apparently sold in less than a week. We get to start this weekend, and it promises to be a bit of a job - there's 35+ years of accumulated stuff to sort, disperse, and pack. So much for Labor Day plans...

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