Joy (cithra) wrote,

No, really - I can occasionally make sense. Let me try this again.

I disable comments when I post a poem because I find the text of the link distracting. In honesty, I am also nervous about people's reactions, but the primary reason is my sense of esthetics, not to a wish to discourage commentary. On the other hand, there's no other convenient way to invite comments than to leave the link, unless I follow every poem immediately with another post, annotative or not. It's a bit disingenuous of me to say 'feel free to comment' but remove the means to easily do so, and I hate that.

So I'm going to return and make "live, the process!" a more overtly annotative post to which people can address comments on "regret" if they have any. In the future I'll either leave the link or add an annotation following. I owe my own faith in my work that much, at least.

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