Joy (cithra) wrote,

there and back again

Now see, this weekend was much more like it, visiting Bremerton. In, out, back before too much of the afternoon is gone, even. The only down side was sharing the ferry ride back with a thousand or so rabid Mariner's fans on their way to the game. Even that wouldn't have been to big of a deal, but I think there must be some kind of Hempfest hippie deal going on this weekend too. The two sets would occasionally clash a little, and the Mariners fans were rife with that sort of passive-aggressive personality that gives their opinion of you at length to their companions, pitched just loudly enough for you to hear.

Nattering fellow-travelers aside, however, I now have a dress. I still need shoes, though. None of my current footwear is appropriate. Time to hit Nordstroms.

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