Joy (cithra) wrote,

quick note in passing

All or nothing time again at work - kicking the second draft of that course into shape by Friday is the current flood I'm dealing with.

Not to be confused with the literal flood of last Thursday, which shorted out all the Seattle IRS email/phone servers when a 5" pipe in my building burst, soaking the 21st, 20th and 19th floors. In addition to the normal woes one encounters when one's server farm becomes an aquatic venture, the ceilings of 19 and 20 were asbestos containment areas (as are the majority of the ceiling areas here), so they packed everyone working on those floors off home Friday and Monday while abatement procedures were carried out. Didn't affect those of us here on 25, other than not being able to do anything useful on the computer for three days.

Wasn't at the reading because while I made it to class, and then out to the U-district just dandy, I was smacked upside the head with a migraine about 3:30 p.m. and when it got so I could only see out of one eye I decided I'd rather be suffering at home. The hang over from that made me late this morning, too. It's headless-chickens time because my partner in crime is out of town for three weeks again after this Friday so that's the drop dead date for the course draft by default. We'll make it, but it will be close.

Then I get to make yet more travel arrangements - that September class turned out to be in Philadelphia, which means an extra day of travel for me due to the time difference and the arcanities of our bargaining agreement, maybe two. [precis: BU employees are only supposed to travel during their normal work tour of duty. The class starts at noon, and I can't get to PHL from SEA between 8 a.m. our time and noon theirs, so I have to travel out the day before, and possibly stay over to travel back the day following.] At least the August Fresno trip doesn't involve swapping time zones - but I won't complain too much because I'm trying to save up enough miles to visit Lisa if I ever have leave again...

Okay, my crap is done printing - time to give it a once over and head out of here.

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