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Pirates of the Carribean

Saw it yesterday, and was much delighted. Intellectual tour-de-force it's not, but delightful romp it is, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was mighty amused to see the 'mad bomber' pirate chasing the woman through Port Royale, since rumor has it they took that vignette out of the ride proper at Disney*. I thought the action of the curse was used with a fairly deft touch - though I might argue about its application to the monkey. The CGI was a little spotty - some of it was gorgeous, some of it was a little off.

Still, though - how often do you get to see a Schooner at full sail pull a bootlegger? Ah, it takes me back to my old Car Wars playing days... back before GURPS, when people used to do things like home-brew rules for that type of encounter from whatever rules were handy. Heh.

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