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and we'll be checking to make sure you're resting, too...

Yes, another dastardly threat to homeland security has be thwarted - the rising tide of anarchy and terror has been turned again. You can rest easy in your beds tonight, fellow citizens, secure in the knowledge that only the regulation "Control-Alt-Delete" screensaver can be deployed on the workstations of employees like myself. No more will the dizzying antics of colored lines threaten our networks, no longer will scrolling slogans drip their sly poison into unsuspecting minds! We will be United in Sameness, Unblemished by individuality and Safe from - well, safe from whatever MITS is saving us from by taking away the ability to customize our workstation screensaver.

Well, it's only a matter of time before they figure out that the best way to keep the network safe is not to let users (shady characters, every one of 'em) log in at all. Speed the day, I say; speed the day.

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