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The two entries I essentially typed in my sleep are all I accomplished yesterday, and I barely remember writing them. Happily I feel much more awake today/at the moment, since I can't afford much (if any) more LWOP right now.

Although, it occurs to me that I shouldn't be so swift to discount the story-fodder I may be able to pull out of some of those strange and jumbled dreams I spent yesterday wandering around in. Even the inflatable sports stadium idea was kind of cool - I guess that one keeps haunting me because it just felt so strange, although it isn't really that odd when you look at it. Basically the construction involved blowing up a skeleton of struts and then spraying them with a material that hardened and was more permanent. There was also a kind of tape that you used to section off places you wanted there to be windows, with these clear flexible sheets that reacted with the tape's chemistry to solidify and become part of the structure. I think I stole the idea from a SF story - it'd be even better for constructing things in space.

I have to keep reminding myself it's Monday

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