Joy (cithra) wrote,

I think today's going to have to go down on the books as a lost cause. I'm still groggy enough to be having trouble staying upright in the chair, here. I may try a walk to QFC to pick up some essentials - or I may give myself back over to the arms of Morpheus for the rest of the afternoon. At least I know it'll pass in a day or so.

Interesting dream about a comic shop I was trying to get a job in - the merchandise kept changing as I walked around the store. There were always comics, but first it was comics and books, then it was comics and furniture, then comics and dresses just as I was about to leave, and as I woke up I remember trying to decide if I should stay and look at the dresses, since I needed one for a wedding... :) The proprietors were a couple of women, one of whom asked me if I wanted to hang out some time. I remember trying to figure out whether they really meant sitting around the shop and BSing or if one of them was asking me on a proto-date.

Then the scene changed completely, and I was on a strange tram-like bus with a couple of Japanese people, and for some reason I had a huge box-dinner of Japanese food. I was trying to both share the food and get help figuring out which were the vegetarian items, without a great deal of success. Then I was in an Indian restaurant with someone I knew (Sharkins?) having the same dilemma with beverages - trying to convey that we wanted ginger beer (non-alcoholic) not Ginger brand beer of the alcoholic variety. Which probably doesn't even really exist.

Sounds to me writing down like I've got some communication issues lurking about. Heh.

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