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newspeak on the loose

Every time I look at a newspaper, the administration is busy reassuring someone that all our military poking about in the middle east has been proper and right, effective and good. I'm hard pressed to know who the target audience for these statements could be.
To stoop to their metaphor, we're 0 for 2, here. Osama bin Laden? Recall that name from the dusty annals of last year's history and remember that we're still searching for him. I think. Somewhere... um I think they have mountains - starts with an 'A'... Damn. Almost had it. Anyway, then there's the Other Bad Guy, whose lure distracted us from old whatsisname in the first place, Saddam Hussein. The statues are gone, but so is their perpetrator - is he in this bomb crater? No? How about this one, over here? Not even some DNA? Drat. How about these lovely tunnels? Damn, he's a sneaky one. Gosh, look at the time! We're about due for another tax cut, how about that? Nice, juicy tax cut? Mmmmm. Good for a snack before hitting the campaign trail in earnest, don't you think? Hate to do that on an empty stomach - empty stomachs are for Democrats.

Ah, before I get too carried away - or get carried away in chains - it does make me wonder. I would think either you're already aware of the fabrications and misdirections and are probably as disgusted as I am, or you're solidly behind the administration (right or wrong) for whatever reasons you have. Either way, the bugle from on high that no mistakes were made, et cetera and so forth, isn't likely to change your mind one way or the other. So who are they trying to convince? Themselves?

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