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Any minute now...

I'll pry myself out of the computer chair and go catch the bus southward. Yesterday I must confess not actually making it to SeaTac - my best intentions were sabotaged by a combination of scheduling quirks and fireworks. There were only a couple of panels I wanted to make, and the Xiombarg really didn't want me to leave, so I spent the majority of the day doing laundry and comforting the cat - so the day wasn't a total wash. Or rather I guess it was, har har (ouch). Which reminds me - faintheart, leave me a voice mail with Mom's flight information some time today, would you? Thx.

Today though there are a number of things I've got an eye on, plus I think Julie's reading at the Talebones salon is this evening. Hmm, better re-think the wardrobe choice if I'm playing minion, I suppose. I think I'll take my backpack after all.

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