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Belated 'happy birthday's to rimrunner and holyoutlaw, belated happy anniversary to my mother (whom I did phone) and belated happy anything else I've managed to miss. I've become quite busy at work, and the worst part of that is, since my memory is the slow things-percolate-up kind, if I don't have much in the way of reflective periods I never remember anything but the short-term stuff. The second worst part is not realizing it's 7 p.m. until the vacuum-cleaner lady roars into my cubicle - I missed the Clarion West reading last night because I lost track of time.

On the up side, though, I got to see amnotsurly's swank new bachelor pad. All teasing aside, it really is a delightful studio - the perfect combination of old enough to have charm, and well kept up enough to be worth sinking your money into. I helped him and Scott move the last of his stuff in last night - the compressed time frame being a side effect of Scott's fiance's landlord renting her place out in spite of her saying she would like to be out by the 5th, not that she would be out by the 5th. So this touched off a round of musical storage areas, in double-time. The other bonus is we're neighbors again - my place is all of seven blocks away, just a skip down the hill.

I've been meaning over the last couple of days to write that if I fall strangely quiet again, it's not from depression at the moment - it's work, of all things. I'm finally doing something interesting, but it's also (at the moment) extremely labor intensive. My coworker got handed a course development project, and asked if I could lend a hand - partly because she heads out of town for two weeks in Hawaii this weekend - and permission was finally granted from on high. So we've had this week to slam things into shape, and both evenings so far I've stayed a couple of hours after. I can use the credit hours, certainly, and it's editing work, so it's both enjoyable and something I feel confident about my ability to do, and do well. It was supposed to just be proofing/typing level editing, but it's turned into content editing - which is part of the time suck.

The short notice is - if I don't post, or don't answer email or don't pick up the phone, it's nothing dire, and it's nothing personal. I know I'll be late coming back from work today and tomorrow, then the weekend is Westercon. Which I probably won't be dashing around like a madwoman, but I probably won't be anywhere near a keyboard, either.

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