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stranger than it should be

I feel rested, for the first time in - oh, years. Or so it seems.

This, as anyone with even a glancing acquaintance with insomnia will tell you, is an entirely different thing from being awake.

I almost willing to say it's even worth falling asleep as early in the evenings as I have been this last week. I'm just hitting the end of the adjustment period for the new meds, and I've been awake enough during the day that I haven't been bothering so much about when I've been sleeping. I've been more concerned about how much - meaning the length of unbroken sleep I've been able to sustain. I have to say I've been pretty pleased with those results as well.

So of course the little pessimist in my head is telling me that means they'll come out next week with a notice that the new stuff causes some sort of hideous, previously undiscovered side effect. Wow. I don't know - at this point it'd have to be pretty hideous to put me off...

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