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Again, George Monbiot has something interesting to say about trade.

I am reminded of this round-aboutly, via Mr. Martens of my previous post. Whee, look at little old live-journaling me, out poking around in the big blog-fish pond. From whose sphere I abdicated back in the day, amusingly enough, switching to LJ. And that, my friends, is why I know a trend has hit the mainstream if I happen to know about it by stumbling on it by myself. If I'd been buying, I'd have bought a Betamax.

That's something I haven't run across that interests me a bit - comparisons of community feel between the "blogosphere" and LiveJournal or LJ-like entities. There is certainly more of a feel (to me) that by getting an LJ account I was entering an online space that was more interested in maintaining itself as a community, per se, than the 'blogosphere' - which seems to be a term more on a par with 'the media' as I've seen it used. It has not so much the connotation of joining something, even amongst those who are using the same host/engine (blog*spot or its kin Blogger, say). Though, if you start a newspaper or weekly or 'zine, you're "joining" the media community sort of by default - perhaps that's the difference: the organization is looser and more obscure.

Just thinkin' about linkin' when I should be preparing myself for my sojourn in that-place-which-shall-remain-nameless.

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