Joy (cithra) wrote,

ok, now I'm getting nervous...

I've had conversations with a couple of people who posit (for real or for amusement value) that Bush is the antichrist (eschewing all capitalization in favor of breadth) - not necessarily in a the-bible-is-literally-true sense so much as a this-guy-represents-a-group-that-believes-Revelations-is-a-roadmap-not-a-cautionary-tale sense. I've thought "sure, makes a good metaphorical shorthand," and gone on about my business.

Then I start to see resonance echoes from places like Electrolite [Patrick Nielsen Hayden's blog], citing articles like this one. It's long, but worth the read if the idea of "there's something going on here I can't quite put my finger on" simply won't leave you alone at night. As Nielsen Hayden says The trouble with dismissing "conspiracy theories" wholesale is that, in the real world, people actually conspire.

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