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Zoe goes zero-gee

Phil Foglio is guesting at Sluggy Freelance.


I admire the man; I like his art, he tells interesting stories too. But must every female he draws have perfectly globular, float-away boobs? The final panel looks as though she's either about to be smacked in the chin or dragged upwards off-stage by their buoyancy.

I like looking at guest-drawings of comics - it's interesting to see how perception and style mesh and flavor each other. In the best examples, even when the artist's style is completely different you can still recognize the essential character immediately. Foglio's got Riff nailed cold. Torg - I blink, then it's him. Zoe - well, there seems to be a large-chested woman with her hairstyle running around these days...

[Later - ok, the next day's edition is some better. Some. They're no longer perfectly round, but they still look like they're trying to escape. She's holding on for dear life there in the first panel, lest they fly off and take her shirt with them!]

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