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faintheart told the story of the tire, so I don't have to...

Didn't do much by way of celebrating the solstice. The garage sale was canceled by threat of rain - which did materialize, in concentrated form, on both of the scheduled days, vindicating sculpin and rjl20's decision. It was definitely a spring rain, in spite of the advent of summer - the sort where it's as though someone has upended a bucket a few miles overhead. Huge drops flinging themselves earthward with abandon, while the air remains fairly warm. Fun - "refreshing" - to be out in as long as you aren't going to suffer any lasting consequences from getting damp. I tend to associate it with the Who song from Quadrophenia.

Planning to be at Westercon weekend after next. They've got a scheduling grid up, looks like I'll probably be able to keep myself busy. That's just the official, planned-early-enough-to-get-down-in-print stuff, as well.

Ticking along on the Stone - solved several puzzles over the weekend. I've completed 57 of the 90-odd available to me at the moment. The answers tend to have a bit of a sideways twist that I still haven't quite gotten the feel for, but I'm getting better. Oddly enough, it seems to have speeded up my crossword solving ability.

Speaking of puzzle-solving, I cracked a ciphered personals ad in the Weekly but haven't decided if I'll actually answer it. I'm just obsessive enough that I had to solve it, though. Just to know what was being said. I'm not a patch on my friend Karen who's #2 in Canada and selected for the World Puzzle Championship, though. If nothing else, she anagrams at the drop of a hat. I tend to store words as units of meaning rather than sequences of letters - so anagramming is quite difficult for me at times. This also relates to why I can't spell terribly well. I figured the cypher in the ad couldn't be too difficult, since presumably the person placing it wanted people to have some chance of solving it, allowing communication to take place. But it also wasn't just Caesar's ROT13, either.

Seems like the best way to cut down on my coffee consumption may be purchase a roast I don't particularly care for. On the other hand, I find myself drinking a fair bit more to counter the Remeron-induced grogginess. I'm sure I will attain a balance over the next couple of weeks or so. I can't say whether it is the extra sleep or the medication itself, but I have noticed an improvement in mood. Which I'm sure is a boon for all concerned.

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