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Neil Gaiman's blog (scroll down, next to last paragraph) mentions the Morbid Tendencies website with whom Goth House shared a table at last year's Comic Con. In fact, Mr. Gaiman's web page is listed just above that of Goth House on the links page at Morbid Tendencies. Ms. McGalliard introduced me to Ms. Lewis at the Goth House party during Norwescon last, which showcased several of Ms. Lewis' delightful creations as well. So, that puts me a mere three degrees of separation from Mr. Gaiman, yes? Practically a close personal friend!

Yeah, yeah - I am not cupcake_goth, nor was meant to be. Don't worry - having made that sort of mistake at least twice, I'm not liable to presume I know anybody from anything they write anymore, outside of lavender-scented billets-doux, and perhaps not even then.

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