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The other dream from the series this morning that refuses to go away is the one where I thought my apartment door was locked, but my mom came in (this may have been the same as the 'plugged in' episode) and told me no, the door was open - as in standing open by a couple of inches. So I tested the deadbolt lock, and found that it now had an extra position, and where formerly both the deadbolt and the latch were closed, now at that position both the deadbolt and the latch were open - hence the condition of the door when my mother found it. Then of course I had to figure out where the cat was...

Anxiety dreams all around. Seriously, it resonated with me strongly enough that I was oddly comforted to return home from work today and find that no, the deadbolt still only had 2 positions - this after checking it obsessively several times on my way out the door this morning.

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